Our Mission
The Gary Freedom School is a place where students are educated to become powerful, community-focused leaders and agents of social change through
student-centered teaching.
Brief Gary Freedom School History
The Gary Freedom School is happy to join the short list of independent freedom schools in this country. Highly Flavored, Inc. has successfully run two Social Justice Youth Leadership Summer Programs. Since the summer of 2008, students have learned the importance of how social justice problems (both in the city of Gary and globally) impact the growth of their immediate communities. The Gary Freedom School is a natural progression to the next level of this program.
GFS Announcements
In 2013 students of the GFS will implement their Peer Intervention Behavorial Recovery Program (PIBR). Here's the objective: The PIBR program will keep students on the right track and decrease violence within schools by stopping fights before they happen. Students will help students understand there is an alternative to violence. The program will reduce detentions and suspensions and create a safe space for students during conflict resolution. Click here to download the PIBR Summary Sheet.
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